Airdrop threat received by student at Friday’s CJH dance

Oct. 7 – 9:59 p.m.: As per the Village of Goshen Police Department, after investigation, two students were each charged with one count of Falsely Reporting an Incident in the First Degree, a class D- Felony, and released to their parents with appearance tickets for Orange County Family Court. Again, we thank our parents, families,  and students for their cooperation during this stressful time, as well as our local county, and state police departments, and County Executive Steve Neuhaus for their assistance.

Oct. 7 – 9:11 p.m. At approximately 7:30 p.m., a student received an airdrop threat while attending the C. J. Hooker Middle School dance. The building was immediately evacuated, assisted by the Village of Goshen Police. The Orange County Sheriff Department was on site and did a thorough sweep of the building with their explosive detection dog. There was no evidence of explosives or weapons. County Executive Steve Neuhaus was also on site. Two students are in custody of the Village of Goshen Police. The threat is deemed a hoax. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Oct. 7 – 7:53 p.m.:  An airdrop threat was received by a student near the conclusion time of tonight’s dance at the C. J. Hooker Middle School. The student reported the incident and building staff contacted police and began evacuation immediately. The Village of Goshen Police are doing a sweep of the building. The district believes that the offenders have been apprehended but that is not yet confirmed. More updates will be shared as soon as they are known.