Junior Science Olympiad places fifth at state competition

Teens wearing matching red sweatshirtsThe Junior Science Olympiad team recently placed fifth at the New York State Science Olympiad competition at East Minoa-Syracuse High School.

The team is made up of students in grades 6-9. This was their first in-person state competition since 2019, when the team placed sixth overall.

Medals were awarded to 10th place in each individual event:

  • Anatomy- 5th, Abhi Bagam and Rhyley Ruffy
  • Bio Process Lab- 7th, Henry Dong and Kiran Foster
  • Bridge-4th, Henry Dong/Kiran Foster
  • Codebusters- 4th, Abhi Bagam, Aaban Imran, Alexa Krabbe
  • Crave the Wave- 7th, Mia Garcia, Kiran Foster
  • Crime Busters- 4th, Chloe Mosquera, Tanner Conklin
  • Disease Detectives- 6th, Henry Dong, Kiran Foster
  • Electric Wright Stuff- 6th, Aiden Meyers, Tanner Conklin
  • Mission Possible- 5th, Tanner Conklin, Kiran Foster
  • Mousetrap Vehicle – 8th, Mia Garcia, Gemma Maxwell
  • Ornithology- 7th, Chloe Mosquera, Aiden Meyers
  • Ping Pong Parachute- 3rd, Aiden Meyers, Chloe Mosquera
  • Road Scholar- 5th, Tanner Conklin, Aiden Meyers
  • Write It Do It- 4th, Chloe Mosquera, Alexa Krabbe

Congratulations to the Junior Science Olympiad team:

Abhi Bagam
Tanner Conklin
Henry Dong
Kiran Foster
Mia Garcia
Aaban Imran
Alexa Krabbe
Gemma Maxwell
Aiden Meyers
Tony Paulino
Rhyley Ruffy
Andrew Santilli- alternate
Isabella Scanlon- alternate

Teens in red sweatshirts kneeling in front of a Science Olympiad banner in a school gymnasium