Food Services to offer halal school meal options

The Goshen Central School District’s Food Services Department will begin offering halal meal options to meet the dietary needs of students.

Food Services Director Alan Muhlnickel worked with a group of approximately 30 parents led by Mr. Imran Hassan to create the halal menu items that will be available in all four schools.

“We want our students and their families to feel confident that their child will receive a nutritious meal while at school, no matter their dietary needs,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kurtis Kotes. “The Food Services Department is continually working to offer menus that accommodate our families while following state and federal requirements and keeping expenses to a minimum.”

The Food Services Department offers breakfast and lunch to all students, serving approximately 1,700 meals each day. In recent years, Goshen has increased the use of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, with a good portion of its produce purchased from local farms. Cooked meals are either baked or steamed – nothing is fried – and each school offers gluten-free items.

In addition, the district’s Wellness Committee is in its beginning stages of researching healthier lunch options to meet the needs of our families. For more information about the Food Services Department, visit