View the Superintendent’s message about Supreme Court decision regarding mask mandate

Dear Goshen family,

Yesterday evening, New York State Supreme Court Judge Thomas Rademaker from Nassau County issued a decision that Governor Hochul and Health Commissioner Bassett had acted outside of their authority to issue a mask mandate, as the legislature had ended the Governor’s ability to do so under emergency powers. This decision would have essentially ended the mask mandate in New York State.

The ruling in Nassau County that stated the governor and health commissioner did not have the authority to enact a mask mandate, in schools or elsewhere, citing that New York was no longer under a state of emergency when the mandate was announced in Dec. 2021.

In turn, Governor Hochul issued a notice of appeal to the appellate court, and State Attorney General James filed a motion to stay the ruling while the state filed a formal appeal. On Jan. 25, Justice Robert J. Miller, the state appeals court judge, sided with the state and granted the stay, effectively allowing the mask rule to temporarily go back into effect.

Therefore, masks must continue to be worn in schools.

If COVID has taught us anything, it is what happens one day can change the next. I apologize for the disruption and frustration this has caused for all of you. Please know that we share that stress with you and will do everything possible to continue to work towards a return to normalcy.

We will continue to keep you informed as this situation evolves. Thank you for your patience and support..


Dr. Kurtis Kotes
Superintendent of Schools