Hispanic Heritage Month: Meet ENL Teacher Marisol Paneto

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the district is highlighting employees with Hispanic ancestry — their cultures, achievements and contributions to our Goshen Schools family!

Meet English as a New Language Teacher Marisol Paneto

Smiling adult with long dark hair and glasses on the beach
Marisol Paneto is an English as a New Language Teacher and Department Chair at Goshen High School.

Marisol is an English as a New Language Teacher and Department Chair at Goshen High School. She was previously a Spanish teacher and has been with the district for 13 years — seven years as a teacher preceded by substitute teacher for six years.

She attended Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, received a bachelor’s degree from Union College and a Master’s in Teaching from Marist College. Currently, she is working towards a Master’s in administration at Long Island University.

Why did you get into your field of study and/or employment?

I love being around kids.

How did you get started professionally?

I served as a leave replacement at a high school in Brooklyn and decided that I really enjoyed teaching.

What do you enjoy most about working for the Goshen Central School District?

What I enjoy most are the friendships I’ve made, the wonderful people I work with and my adorable students that keep me on my toes every day.

Who had the most influence on your career?

My mother always cared for our family and the other families in the neighborhood. I always wanted to do the same – help people.

What is your heritage?

I was born in Brooklyn but my mother was born in Guatemala and my dad was born in Puerto Rico. I consider myself Latina. I love my food, music, people, traditions and culture.

What’s something you’d like others to know about your heritage/culture?

I would love for others to know that Latinos are very passionate people. We truly value our families our cultures and our traditions and enjoy sharing our heritage with others.

How do you celebrate your heritage/culture?

I celebrate often with my family. We have always celebrated Christmas, New Years, Easter and Thanksgiving and Three Kings Day – El dia de los Reyes. A celebration which my four children absolutely enjoy even though they are now older. Our celebrations include gathering together to listen to music, tell stories and eat. Some of our favorite dishes include arroz con gandules y pernil, flan, tamales and pasteles.

How do you think your heritage/culture has shaped you as a person/professional?

I have been very fortunate because I have had great role models in my life (mom and dad) that have taught me the value of hard work and living up to my responsibilities. My parents also told me stories about how and where they grew up and always reminded me to remember where I came from. The importance of family was instilled in me at an early age and knowing my roots was a huge part of who I am today. I believe that being proud of my origins as well as my belief system have shaped me into the person that I am and this has transferred over into my professional life.

What things do you like to enjoy or do when you aren’t working?

I enjoy sudoku, reading and nature.

What’s a fun fact about you that others may not know?

My favorite color is green.