Guess this year’s musical with the CJH Players!

Up, Up and away!
Well, that’ś what some would say.
Why?  We are happy and ready,
Keeping our nerves steady.
After all, it is time for a play!

On your mark! Get set! GO!
Time to guess which show?!  Which show?!

I have your attention?  Are you listening?  You are?
Alright then, I will give some clues and a gold star.

This show appeals to kids young and old,
To those who are small,  and to those who are bold.

No matter how young or old, you must behave,
Have adventure in your hearts, be inquisitive and brave.

Do not let it scare you.  It is fun after all!
And sure there is magic, just no crystal ball.

No turning into pumpkins, falling in love, or red ruby slippers clicking,
SHHHH!!  Did you hear that?  What was that ticking?

Oh!  That sound was nothing.  It was just some loud toys.
Kids and their imaginations.  Silly girls.  Silly boys.

Okay, that is done.  Let’ś get back to task.
What is the play, you ask?

I cannot say, but to see it is a must.
With no live show for so long, the theater is collecting dust.

So bring the whole family. Keep the dog and cat at home.
We are through.  That’ś the end of this clue-i-fied poem!

Think you know the next CJH Players Musical?
Send your guess to Mrs. Loftus at

The first person to guess correctly will receive two free tickets!