View the procedure for communicating COVID-19 positives

Please note the following procedure for how the district will communicate positive cases of COVID-19 within our school district for the 2021-22 school year. This procedure has been updated since the prior school year:

  • Upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 diagnostic test result by an individual who was present at our school facilities or grounds, district officials will immediately confirm the information with the Orange County Department of Health (OCDOH).
  • In the event of a confirmed case, the district will work closely with the OCDOH to identify who is at risk for potential exposure so that they can contact those individuals and guide them through next steps, such as testing or quarantine. Individuals who may be at risk of exposure will be contacted via e-mail by district staff.
  • The district will notify the school community about the positive case via the district’s Daily COVID-19 Report that can be found on the top of each page on the district website (in the yellow widget bar). This will be updated daily.
  • Each week, a SchoolMessenger email notification will be sent to parents/guardians and employees that recaps the prior week’s positive cases.

It is important to note that privacy laws prohibit the district from disclosing personally identifiable information about the individual who tested positive.

Please view the 2021-22 School Planning Guide to learn more about the mitigation measures in place to keep our students and employees healthy, including information about masks, social distancing, quarantine procedures, and more.

If you have questions about how the district plans to communicate a positive case of COVID-19, please contact Public Information Specialist Christina Gore at