NJHS members focus energy on bettering their community

Group of teens holding baskets standing outside on a red deck
NJHS students prepared care packages for residents of local shelters.

Article by Emily Dowling, CJH NJHS Public Relations Officer 

The National Junior Honor society values a school’s commitment to these five pillars: leadership, scholarship, service, character, and citizenship. Our own 2020-2021 chapter of NJHS at C.J. Hooker Middle School has worked steadily and diligently through this eventful and strenuous year to uphold these values.

Boxes of dog and cat treats and food and laundry detergent on top of a wooden table
NJHS members raised money to make donations to the Goshen Humane Society.

We have taken  steps to put the pillars into action with our  leadership projects. Each of our members exhibits exactly why they are a part of  our chapter. The leadership project entails multiple groups each working on an inspired endeavor to give back to our Goshen community…and beyond!

This group of Goshen Middle School go-getters was involved with quite a variety of activities including (but certainly not limited to) picking up litter about town, donating time and resources to benefit such organizations as food pantries, the Goshen Humane Society, and local hospitals, and tutoring Goshen Intermediate School students who were struggling academically.

Teens wearing masks stand behind white trash bags filled with litter
The NJHS members worked together to help beautify the community and pick up trash.

One group has shown specifically that they have outstanding leadership qualities. This group of exceptional 8th graders includes Anna Pavlidis, Emma Rodriguez, Rylee Ferrara, and the president of this year’s chapter, Morgan Taylor. They were joined in that effort with other groups who decided to raise funds for the same organization.

These students have focused their efforts on raising money and awareness for animals in shelters by creating flyers to share their cause on the internet. They have designed their own non-profit donation system by accepting donations and giving it directly to the Goshen Humane Society.

Though this past year has been a struggle for all of us, our NJHS chapter has taken  extra steps  to uphold the core values of the National Junior Honor Society.  The challenges of this year and these activities fortify our commitment to excellence in and out of the classroom.