Science Olympiad teams earn medals at State competitions

The Science Olympiad Jr. team placed 19th out of 52 teams at the State Competition. Members are in grades 6-9.

Medals for individual events were awarded for top 10.
Congratulations to the following for earning medals:

  • Kiran Foster and Jacob Cortes- 3rd for Density Lab
  • Kiran  Foster and Ryan Schramm- 5th for Circuit Lab
  • Kiran  Foster and Tanner Conklin- 9th for Machines
  • Aiden Meyers and Jacob Cortes – 6th for Road Scholar

The members of the Science Olympiad Jr. State Team are:

  • Kiran Foster
  • Ryan Schramm
  • Jacob Cortes
  • Tanner Conklin
  • Chloe Mosquera
  • Henry Dong
  • Abhi Bagam
  • Angelina Celio
  • Aiden Meyers
  • Dalton Fortugno-Harris
  • Alma Nangoi
  • Jillian Pucci
  • Rhyley Rhyse
  • Andrew Santilli

The Science Olympiad Senior team placed 59th out of 68 teams in the State Competition. All members of the Senior teams competed at Regionals where the two teams placed. Last year before all competitions were cancelled, the Sr. team had made States.

The members of the Science Olympiad Senior State Team are:

  • Eesha Ramanathan
  • Ben Pahucki
  • Kiara Paulino
  • Jason Barnes
  • Kapil Foster
  • Serena Yeddu
  • Hannah Yeddu
  • Cora Pahucki
  • Cat Lienemann
  • Eve Doyle
  • Chris Whitney
  • Gabe Kaufman
  • Dalia Abbad
  • Alternate – Jack Moran

The GHS Division C Regionals results (Medals were earned by the following students):

Jason Barnes, Eesha Ramanathan, Team Captain Hannah Yeddu, Arun Foster, Kapil Foster, Cora Pahucki, Team Captain Ben Pahucki, Serena Yeddu, Chris Whitney, Kiara Paulino, Catherine Lienemann, Nahal Jangda, Dalia Abbad, Jack Moran, Alex Mistretta, Team Captain Eve Doyle, Julia Gyrla and Gabe Kaufman. Other team members included Team Captain Ryan Mistretta and Francis McGuinness.

Team Rosters

Science Olympiad Junior team 2020-21

Abhiram Bagam
Delilah Burrow
Angelina Celio
Giovanni Celio
Tanner Conklin
Jacob Cortes
Henry Dong
Dalton Fortugno-Harris
Kiran Foster
Mia Garcia
Chloe Griffin
Tyler Hanley
Gemma Maxwell
Aiden Meyers
Chloe  Mosquera
Alma Nangoi
Priyal Patel
Tony Paulino
Jillian Pucci
Rhyley Ruffy
Andrew Santilli
Ryan Schramm

Science Olympiad Senior Team 2020-21

Dalia Abbad
Jason Barnes
Eve Doyle
Arun Foster
Kapil Foster
Julia Gyrla
Nahal Jangda
Gabe Kaufman
Catherine Lienemann
Francis McGuiness
Ryan Mistretta
Alex Mistretta
Jack Moran
Ben Pahucki
Cora Pahucki
Kiara Paulino
Eesha Ramanathan
Chris Whitney
Hannah Yeddu
Serena Yeddu