Student artwork to be featured at local drive-in

Flyer for student art showcaseThis summer, Goshen art students will have their artwork featured in the Arts Build Confidence Showcase 2021 at the Warwick Drive-In.

A screening of artwork created by Goshen High School art students and eighth grade advanced art students will play before the evening’s feature movie and during intermission July 18-24 on screen #2.

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The student artists who will be featured include:

Goshen High School

Ben Pahucki
Cora Pahucki
Michelle Gukhman

C. J. Hooker Middle School

Fiona Corrigan
Lefa Brown
Riley Quattrini
Annalisa Medenard-Miller
Gabriella Rivera
Kaitlyn Albanese
Giulianna Obligado
Noor Uppal
Anna Pavlidas
Ella Gallo