CJH celebrates January & February Students of the Month

The student of the month is:

  • Respectful – The student treats classmates, teachers and staff with respect by valuing each as an individual, respecting differences, and valuing the work that others do.
  • Responsible – The student embraces the responsibility required to maintain progress in their schoolwork and other personal goals.
  • Positive – The student contributes to the success of the school by promoting a positive school climate through their actions and words.
  • Honest – The student communicates truthfully and in a respectful way with classmates, teachers, staff and refrains from dishonesty in completing academic work.
  • Committed to success – The student strives for success in all they do and works to the best of their ability.

January 2021

Grade 6

Javier Mercedes –  It is our pleasure to award Javier with student of the month!  Javier ALWAYS is the first person to join our meets.  Javier works diligently in every class!  He is always giving 110% of his effort.  When he is unsure, he asks questions.  Javier is a GREAT role model to his peers!  Keep up the great work, Javier!

Leilani Romulo is an outstanding student.  She is intelligent and inquisitive.  She does an excellent job with class participation in our Google Meets.  She has a great personality and is a pleasure to have in class.  It is a privilege to recognize Leilani as student of the month.

Sophia Springer- is a friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic student. She is always on time to Meets and  because she has her camera on we are able to see her smile each day. Sophia actively participates in class discussions and brings a lot to the table with her questions and her thoughtful responses.  It is a pleasure to recognize Sophia as student of the month.

Amelia Brown – Amelia is a kind girl who loves to participate in class discussions. She works extremely hard and always comes to class with a positive attitude. She is friendly to her classmates and all of her teachers are extremely proud of her progress. Amelia truly deserves to be student of the month!

Special Areas

Isabella Cahill – Isabella has shown great aptitude for the tech area and is excelling. She always gives her best effort and it shows. She is a pleasure to have in class and is very deserving of this honor!

Grade 7

Karissa Mason is a kind and respectful young lady.  She always pays attention, is a careful listener and is always ready to follow the next direction.  Karissa is a hard-working student who gives a conscientious effort on her assignments.  You can also always count on Karissa to volunteer and to be actively involved in learning.  This helps her to continuously be successful and serve as a positive role model to other students.  She is also a responsible student who enjoys socializing when the time is right! Whether she is ready to socialize or learn, she always wears a smile.  Thanks Karissa, for doing a great job!   Happy 2021, Karissa and congratulations on being one of the January 2021 Students of the Month.

Stephen Kovacs is an extremely polite and kind young man.  Whether he is working remotely or in the classroom, he always tries his best and takes pride in the completion of his assignments.  Stephen has a great attitude and pleasant disposition.  He is trustworthy, attentive, and conscientious.  Stephen actively participates in class discussions and is eager to offer an answer when needed or help when issues arise.  We all wish we had more students like him.  Congratulations, Stephen!  We are very proud of you and know you will continue to make us proud for the rest of the school year.

Cody Boyle – Cody is an active class participant .  He enjoys taking part in class discussions and encourages his classmates to join in on the discussions, too.  Cody also enjoys sharing stories with his teachers and peers, and participating in interactive review games.  Keep up the good work, Cody!

Special Areas

Catherine Langan – Catherine is a very enthusiastic student. She always comes into class positive and eager to learn. During class discussion, she is constantly participating and offering thoughtful responses. Catherine is a really hard worker. When she needs assistance she is proactive in asking for help and adjusting her technique to improve her art. Catherine often offers to help others whenever she can. Her perspective is useful because she explains art content in a unique way that reaches her peers.

Grade 8

Lefa Brown is a well-rounded and dedicated student.  She is diligent, has a genuine interest in the learning process and is always involved in class whether online or in person.  She is an excellent participant in class discussions, accepts opportunities that are challenging, and takes the opportunity to improve her grade and understandings.  Lefa is sincere, caring, considerate and has a great sense of humor!  All of these characteristics will allow Lefa to achieve anything to which she sets her heart and mind.

Mia Antolino-  Mia is a kind, responsible, and respectful student who is dedicated to academic success.  She comes to class ready to learn and always puts forth her best effort.  Mia participates in class while attending in person and when we are remote.  We are so pleased to recognize Mia as student of the month.

Eric Orzell – Eric has worked very hard this year in all of his classes. He makes sure that all of his work is completed and that he is participating in all of his class meets. When Eric has a question on his work he will email his teachers for support. Keep up the good work Eric. We are all proud of you.

Special Areas

Rylee Ferrara – Rylee is a wonderful musician and sets a great example for others to follow. She continues to have a willingness to always do her very best in all areas of music. Rylee continues to be enthusiastic each and every day in both Select Chorus and Mixed Chorus classes and is an absolute pleasure to teach.


Grade 6

Jossimar Lima Perez:  We are so proud to select Jossimar as student of the month!  Jossimar has been working so hard in all of his classes.  He always tries his best! Jossimar displays a positive attitude every day! Jossimar is kind to his peers and teachers!  You can always count on Jossimar to help others!  Keep up the great job, Jossimar!

Emily Schmidt is an exceptional young adult.  She is a mature and responsible student.  She is intelligent and inquisitive. She is always thoughtful when dealing with other students. Her efforts in class make her a great role model for other students. It is a pleasure to recognize Emily as student of the month!

Anna Heater is an exceptional student young lady.  She exhibits a positive attitude towards everything she does.  Anna works hard in all of her classes, always giving 100%.  She is friendly and respectful and never hesitates  to help those around her. Her work ethic, sense of humor  and kindness are some of the characteristics that make her a great role model. We are pleased to recognize Anna as student of the month.

Kyle Whitehead is an outgoing and personable student who always greets his teachers and peers with a happy hello.  Kyle enjoys asking questions and sharing ideas.  He is hardworking and motivated to do well.  Kyle is always respectful and remains positive even if tasks become difficult.  Kyle is creative and kind.

Special Areas

Delilah Burrow – Delilah is an enthusiastic student with a positive attitude. She is a very talented member of chorus who helps us out with her beautiful singing voice. She is always willing to participate and take part in class discussions. We admire how respectful Delilah is of others in all of her classes and how she serves as a great role model for other students. She is very deserving of this honor!

Grade 7

Ezra DeFoor is a respectful young man, who has a positive attitude and it shows.  He actively models responsible behavior for his peers.  He is cooperative and participative both in-person and on Google Meets.  Ezra’s desire to be successful is also evident when he shows attentiveness to his assignments. Ezra possesses confidence and shows a strong, unique sense of support to those around him.  It is all of these qualities combined that undoubtedly earn Ezra the title of Student of the Month, for February 2021.  Congratulations, Ezra!

Kylah Demers-Ballard has been a part of the C. J. Hooker family since she was born, and the gold team teachers feel exceptionally lucky to have her in our classes this year.  She is hard-working, conscientious, and mature. Kylah has very high expectations for herself, especially with regards to her work.  She asks for help whenever she needs it, and even better, appreciates and accepts help whenever it is offered.  Kylah is also kind, polite, and brave.  We are very proud of her and hope she keeps up the amazing work. Congratulations, Kylah!

Saramina Sepulveda – Saramina is a polite and respectful young lady. She comes to class each day with a smile and a hello for all of her teachers. She gives 110% on everything she does. Saramina works hard. She does extra credit, not for the extra points but for the extra knowledge. She loves to learn and it shows!

Special Areas

Chloe Mosquera – Chloe is a very talented musician and always maintains a positive attitude. She is an excellent role model for others in both Select Chorus and Mixed Chorus classes. Chloe continues to be respectful & enthusiastic each and every day in class and is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Grade 8

Tanner Conklin is an attentive, conscientious and diligent student.  He is a smart, determined, curious, kind and considerate young man.  He is animated and outgoing, but always appropriate and demonstrates maturity both in and out of the classroom.  He relates well to adults and his peers, is a positive influence and looks out for the best interests of others.  Tanner is an excellent participant, curious, and self motivated.  He is encouraging of others and a terrific addition to all of his classes.

Dylan Randazzo- Dylan is an extremely hardworking student who puts forth his best effort in class.  He comes to class prepared, remains on task during instruction, and completes his assignments on time.  Dylan is respectful and kind, does not hesitate to ask questions during class, and contributes to class discussion.  Keep up the great work Dylan!

Jerrell Wright is a respectful student who cares about his education and works beyond school hours to be the best version of himself.  Jerrell is a leader in the classroom. His classmates respect him and his positive attitude.  Jerrell is honest and considerate of his peers and the adults he works with during the day.  We couldn’t be any prouder of the growth we have seen in the last 2 years. Way to go Jerrell!!!

Special Areas

Juan Naranjo Cardona – Juan is a very hard worker. He always comes to class on time and in a bright mood, which adds to everyone’s morale. I noticed Juan always participates and asks thoughtful and engaging questions. His feedback adds value to our class conversations about art.  If there is another student that is struggling or needs assistance, Juan volunteers his time to be there to help, especially when helping to translate. Juan is constantly reflecting on and improving his art which is great to see because it keeps getting better. He is very strong with taking feedback in class and applying it to his work. Overall, it is a joy to have Juan in my class and watch him grow in the arts.