Superintendent’s letter: Details about four-day in-person instruction plan

Dear Goshen Schools family,

I hope you are enjoying your time off during spring recess. Our students, families and staff have certainly earned this much-deserved break.

Below, you will find some important information about the 4-day in-person instruction plan.

General information

  • Families are required to choose between 4-day in-person instruction or fully remote instruction. Once chosen, you will not be able to change your child’s learning plan for the remainder of the school year.
  • Families who do not submit a learning plan will take part in remote instruction.
  • Students will continue to have their temperature taken as they enter the buildings.
  • Families should continue to complete the mandatory COVID-19 attestation screening.
  • Contact tracing will continue to follow NYSDOH guidelines. Those who may be at risk of an exposure will be contacted by district staff with instructions.
  • The district will continue to monitor its progress via the COVID-19 dashboard as per required by New York State.
  • The district will continue to report any positive cases in our schools to families via email and the district website.


  • Students will be seated at least three feet apart with physical barriers (polycarbonate partition) as per CDC guidelines.
  • As per the Orange County Department of Health, masks will continue to be worn when inside the school building by all students and staff.
  • Students will continue to bring their Chromebooks to and from school daily.
    Older students will not be able to access lockers. The original plan will remain in place.
  • Physical education classes and music instruction will continue to follow the NYSDOH guidelines for social distancing of all activities. We will continue to monitor any changes in guidance and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Students will continue to be encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer for appropriate hand hygiene.
  • Social-emotional learning will continue for all students. If your child is experiencing difficulty, stress, or anxiety we encourage you to reach out to their counselor or school principal.

Orange-Ulster BOCES CTEC

  • CTEC will continue its rotating hybrid learning model.
  • AM CTEC students will be bussed to GHS and then shuttled to CTEC. They will then be bussed back to GHS to attend afternoon classes and bussed home on regular routes.
  • PM CTEC students will be bussed to GHS to attend morning classes. They will then be shuttled to CTEC and shuttled back to GHS for transportation home on regular routes.
  • Remote students who opted to take CTEC classes in-person will receive transportation to and from CTEC as they are currently.
  • GHS administrators are currently verifying in-person or remote option with our CTEC students to confirm transportation needs.


  • All equipment was inspected and repaired, when needed, to ensure they are fully functional and working properly.
  • Classroom ventilation units were thoroughly cleaned and filters changed.
    All roof top equipment , i.e. RTU’s, exhaust fans, etc. will be serviced and filters changed.
  • Units are scheduled to be on at least two hours before and two hours after school hours.
  • Outside air dampers will be set to full open.
  • Windows will be open as much as possible to increase air flow.
  • Outdoor learning will be utilized as much as possible, weather permitting, as per the discretion of the teacher and the appropriateness of the lesson. This includes physical education classes.

School meals

  • School meals will continue to be free for all students for the remainder of the school year.
  • Meal pick up for remote learners will continue to be available on Wednesdays in the parking lot at CJH.
  • Students will eat lunch in the following locations:
    • SAS & GIS – Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and gymnasium
    • CJH & GHS – Students will continue to eat lunch in classrooms
  • Students will be able to remove their masks when eating but must put them back on when they are finished.
  • Students will continue to be socially distanced as per NYSDOH guidelines during meals.


  • Students will sit two to a seat (from the same household when possible) and are required to wear a mask at all times. We will continue to follow the guidance recommended by the NYSDOH.
  • School drop off and pick up times will continue to run in the current format. The Transportation Department will continue to monitor these procedures for the safety of our students and make changes if necessary.
  • Bus drivers will continue to have extra masks on hand in case a child is in need of one.
  • We are working to reestablish our 5 p.m. bus run that was eliminated due to budgetary reasons. More information will be shared as soon as possible.
  • Monitors will continue to attend the specific bus runs that require it as per a student’s IEP.
  • Bus drivers will sanitize buses between bus runs.


  • In anticipation of the April 19th opening, all classrooms and learning areas, bathrooms and offices will be deep cleaned. Carpets will be shampooed.
  • Custodial staff will continue to clean and disinfect all surfaces, handrails and entry ways.
  • Substitute custodians and summer staff will be employed for additional manpower.
  • Each classroom will be equipped with appropriate PPE, including a bucket of alcohol wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and a few kid sized masks.

I know I can speak for our administrators, faculty and staff when I say that we are excited to resume in-person classes four days a week. I would like to extend my gratitude to all of our families and employees for their continued support. Without you, this would not be possible.

Again, if you have not yet submitted the Learning Plan Decision Questionnaire for your child, you must do so by April 5.

Thank you,

Daniel T. Connor
Superintendent of Schools