Students share valentines with Colombian peers

Photo of computer screen with several small squares and in each one their is a student
Fifth grade students from Colombia spent time talking with fifth graders at Goshen Intermediate School via Zoom.

Students in Jen Cestare’s fifth grade class at Goshen Intermediate School shared a sweet Valentine’s Day by making new friends in Colombia!

“My student teacher, Emily Martin, found the website Virtual Valentines Project 2021 when we were brainstorming how to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Once we signed up, I reached out to a teacher from Colombia asking to “buddy up” with their students.”

The classes used Zoom to meet and connect, where Goshen students shared the digital heart-shaped valentine animals and messages or poems that they created for their our “buddy” class. Students also created and shared a special presentation so that the Colombian students could learn about Goshen, New York state and the United States.

The fifth graders from Colombia wrote individual letters to our students to teach them about their country, culture, hobbies, and favorite foods. Since there wasn’t enough time during our meeting to share their individual letters, the classes decided to become pen pals and are excitedly awaiting their letters.

The students were able to utilize the video conferencing tools in order to share their presentations and break into small groups in order to get to know more about their new friends.

Student sitting at desk wearing head phones looking at a computer during a Zoom meeting
Goshen and Colombian students had the opportunity to make real connections by sharing information and talking with each other via online technology tools.