Fifth graders learn, write about famous peacemakers

Fifth graders at Goshen Intermediate School recently learned about and celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Malala Yousafzai during their peacemaker unit of study. Students then shared what they learned about these famous peacemakers.

By Anabelle,  Mrs. Kropp’s Class

Gandhi, King, and Mandela all had much in common. For example,  they all wanted everyone around the world to have equality,  and they all were thrown in jail for protesting. They also wanted not to fight with fists, but with words. They wanted to be treated equally, but they also wanted everyone else to be treated equally, too. So you see, these peacemakers didn’t just want the equality around the world for themselves, they wanted others to be loved, too.

By Bailey, Mrs. Kropp’s Class

I think a quality that Gandhi had that Martin would admire is that Gandhi was very brave and strong. He also wanted peace instead of war just like Martin did. Gandhi also was patient because he waited a long time to make India a free country. Also he wanted everyone to get along and he wanted everyone to be equal. Those are some things that I think Martin would admire about Gandhi.

By Andrea, Mrs. Kropp’s Class

Gandhi has many qualities I think Martin Luther King Jr. would admire. One of them is that Gandhi did not like violence, instead he showed peace by fasting whenever violence was shown through his people. In the story it talks about how Gandhi did not give up. Even though he was thrown in jail several times for protesting and having his own beliefs, he never stopped fighting for freedom. These are  just some of Gandhi’s great qualities that Martin Luther King, Jr. would certainly admire.

By Connor, Mrs. Kropp’s Class

The three peacemakers, King, Gandhi and Mandela have many things in common. They fight for equality, They fight against discrimination with words and not weapons, They fight for peace around the world. What they also have in common are, They were all arrested for protesting against descrimination, They fight for the people around the world who are colored or African American, They all made peace around the world. Those are the things that these peacemakers have in common.

By Emma L., Mrs. Rampulla/Mr. Mahony’s Class

Ever wonder why there aren’t “white only” signs in America anymore? Well, you can thank the three peacemakers! Martin Luther KIng Jr, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. These three all helped to end segregation in different ways. The first way they are alike is because they never ever ever ever ever ever gave up! That’s called perseverance. For example, they were all imprisoned multiple times for doing things that weren’t necessarily bad. Yet, they kept on going despite all the times they were thrown in jail, yelled at, or threatened. Another way they’re all alike is their peacefulness, all 3 protested without even raising a weapon once. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a lot of powerful speeches. Gandhi peacefully freed the Indians from the British. Nelson Mandella had a great sense of humor, and always nonviolently stood up against racism. They are all alike in those admirable ways. That’s how  Martin Luther King, Jr, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandella are all alike.

By Katherine, Mrs. Rampulla/Mr. Mahony’s Class

Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela have a lot in common. One thing MLK, Gandhi, Mandela have in common is they were all peaceful protesters. One reason they are peaceful protesters is because they used their words and not bad actions.  Gandhi, Mandela, and MLK were all  arrested for standing up for what’s right.  Even though they were arrested they all kept protesting or got people to protest peacefully.   Also they were all wise leaders. One way I can support this answer is that they standed up so people can be treated equally in different ways. Another reason is they risk their lives to do what’s right or help people see what’s right.  Finally another way these peaceful protesters are alike is that they all fought for their rights.  They did this by peacefully protesting. This is how Martin Luther King,  Gandhi, and Mandela have a lot in common.

By Tiffany, Mrs. Antisin’s class

There have been lots of peacemakers in history. Some qualities they have are kindness. They are kind because they care for others and not just themselves. In addition, they are brave, They are brave because they knew they could get hurt or worse. Yet, they still fight for the right thing. Lastly, they are caring. The reason they are caring is because they try to do the right thing for people, animals and things. Some qualities I have that can change the world is kindness. I can use kindness to care for others. In addition, I have patience. I can use patience because when things don’t go your way right then and there, I don’t give up. Finally, I have gentellness. Some people try to use violence to change things, but I can use gentellness to not use violence. What I want to see changed in the world is how people treat others. For example, some people abuse and don’t treat others fair. I could start in my school. If I see people bullying or fighting I would tell them to stop and do something about it. Then, I would set up clubs or other things that can inform people about bullying and what can happen if you don’t do anything about it.