Information about free local COVID-19 testing

In light of the latest increase in the positivity rates for COVID-19, below please find information regarding testing and associated costs.

CVS currently provides free drive through testing for insured and uninsured individuals.

For individuals without health insurance, CVS collects the individual’s social security number and requires proof of residency (via driver’s license or other valid ID) to submit the testing claim for payment to the state or federal government.

Insured and uninsured individuals can get free testing at medical facilities providing covid testing such as Middletown Medical.

Currently, free testing is available in a number of states including NY, NJ and PA.

Any individual that believes they may have been potentially exposed to covid-19 or would like to be tested, to ensure the safety of others in their household or workplace, can utilize these services.

You must make an appointment, usually online is the quickest, to arrange your test, and that registration process will allow you to provide the necessary information to the testing provider so they can either bill your insurance carrier or the state or federal government for the cost of the test.

There should be $0 out-of-pocket costs to insured or uninsured individuals for a COVID-related test.

Provided below is a link to the CVS website that outlines the process and provides a frequently asked questions (FAQ) for your information.