Meet senior Meghan O’Donnell, future healthcare worker

Headshot of smiling teenage girl
Senior Meghan O’Donnell is planning for a career in the healthcare field.

“Seeing these front line workers go into work everyday, despite the chaos and uncertainty, makes me appreciate their bravery and their courage, and I cannot wait to be one of them!”

– Senior Meghan O’Donnell

What does being a health or medical professional in training mean to you?

As a senior at Goshen High School, I have been fortunate enough to be a three-sport varsity athlete in my three-and-a-half-years here. As a freshman and a sophomore, I was part of the varsity soccer team, varsity indoor track team, and the varsity lacrosse team. As of last year, I decided to try out cross country in place of soccer and continued to run indoor track and play lacrosse.

The four qualities that almost all nurses have that I believe to be the most important are their strength, bravery, humility, and compassion. Playing sports for the last 12 years, all of these qualities are demonstrated in victory or defeat. Nurses each day are placed in situations where their limits are tested, and these qualities can be buried; however, nurses always find their strength and bravery to help them carry-on.

I would love to be the person who relieves a patient’s pain and provides comfort and support in their time of need. Nurses always put the patient first, and usually never look for accolades or a pat on the back, it is just what is expected of them. I feel as though my experiences playing sports has given me a good foundation to be a great nurse.

If someone hasn’t been interested in health science  in the past, how might you invite them to get involved now?

I would find ways to communicate to them the commitment, dedication and sacrifice that all of our healthcare workers have made over the last couple months. I would give this person insight into the profession, the effects of health science and the impacts it has on each patient’s life.

How has being a budding heath professional helped to develop the person you are today and the person you hope to be in the future?

All of my volunteer experience with profit and nonprofit organizations, made me realize I wanted to help people, and to be the type of person that has a positive impact on people’s lives. Unfortunately during this particular time, during the pandemic, I haven’t had the opportunity to work alongside or shadow a healthcare professional. However, I am very much looking forward to dedicating these next four years and my college education, to clinical hours, hands on experience and becoming an exceptional nurse.

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