One-on-One with a Gladiator: Carly Larsen

Photo of lacrosse player
Goshen varsity lacrosse player Carly Larsen will attend American University next year.

My name is Dr. Matthew O’Brien and I serve the Goshen Central School District as its Director of Athletics. We have many student-athletes worthy of praise and recognition here in Goshen. This series, titled One-on-One with a Gladiator, is just another way to celebrate and recognize the tremendous accomplishments of our student-athletes. I look forward to periodically publishing my conversations with our finest student-athletes and providing the community with more insight into the great things our student-athletes are accomplishing

So, welcome to the very first installment of One on One With a Gladiator. We’ll start with the one and only Carly Larsen. Carly recently became Goshen’s very first Girls Lacrosse Player to verbally commit to a Division 1 School. Carly will be continuing her academic and athletic career at Division I American University in the fall and all of us here in Goshen will be rooting for her every step of the way!

Are you ready? Great! Let’s go one on one with Carly Larsen…

Q: Carly, how are you doing?

A: I am doing pretty well, this year has been crazy for everyone and I am glad it is coming to an end.

Q: Talk a little bit about how the school year has been going so far – what are some of the challenges that you and the rest of the students are going through and are there any positives to the hybrid model?

A: This school year has definitely been interesting. I don’t mind hybrid learning, but I certainly enjoyed when we were all in person way more. I am getting a lot more homework than before because of the shortened periods so that has been a bit difficult. I love that we have Wednesdays as asynchronous because I babysit after school everyday and I am able to work for longer on those days!

Q: I remember watching you play lacrosse as an 8th grader – take us through your journey as a young athlete to now your junior year. What has made you so successful at this sport?

A. Time flies. I remember trying out in seventh grade for the varsity team with one other seventh grader. We were so nervous and intimidated by the older girls. Now that I am an upperclassmen, it’s crazy to me to see how much I looked up to all the older girls on the team because I certainly don’t feel that much older now. Seventh grade was definitely a growing grade, I really didn’t play in any games (which I completely expected) but I got to see where I needed to be in order to get that starting spot. By 8th grade, and the beginning of the season, I had definitely grown so much comparatively but wasn’t quite ready to be the starting goalie. By the end of the season though, I actually started in several games and it was amazing. Freshman year as the Varsity goalie I got a lot of time to work and grow a really nice relationship with the team. I sadly got a concussion in the beginning of the season so I was out for a few games, but I got right back into my groove and ended up becoming a Section 9 Class C all-star! Sophomore year was supposed to be my biggest year for recruiting, but it definitely changed due to COVID. Missing out on an entire spring season was tough, but I worked with my private trainer Chris Biddle over quarantine and all of the summer. I got to play in one scrimmage and one tournament over the summer with my travel team Metro Magic and in the Under-Armour 150 showcase. Since I certainly didn’t get as much action on the field as I would have in a normal season, so I made sure to film my games and my training with Biddle to upload onto my SportsRecruits profile. What I think made me so successful at lacrosse was my constant effort to push my opponents, peers, and myself. I love the sport so much, and keeping that love for it is what made me successful on the field.

Q: Why did you choose American University? Were there other schools you were looking at?

A. I chose American University because of the coaches, location, and academics. At midnight on September 1st, I got a text from the head coach Lindsey Teeters saying how excited she was to talk to me. After my first call with her I think both of us knew that I would be a great addition to the team. I kept in contact with her and the other American coaches every week until I committed on October 1st. I got a lot of emails on September 1st from D1 schools, but I narrowed it down quickly. I ended up speaking to UAlbany and Villanova before ultimately choosing American to verbally commit.

Q: What do you plan on studying at American?

A: I am and always have been interested in international and public affairs, and American offers a lot of majors and minors in that category. At the moment I am leaning towards the Law and Society major.

Q: As I said before, I remember watching you play lacrosse as an 8th grader — what advice do you have for students just coming in to high school now in terms of succeeding in their sport and managing the roles of both student and athlete.

A: My advice to student athletes going into High School is to create a schedule and goals for yourself going into the year. It becomes very easy to get overwhelmed with work, clubs, sports, and any other extracurricular activities. Having specific goals for everything you do, helps keep you on track. Every year I make a goal to maintain or increase my gpa from the previous year. I also always have a specific goal for each sport I play.  For example my goal last year as a sophomore was to make the varsity volleyball team which I knew would be tough since it’s not my main sport, but I managed to make the team! I also think it’s important to make sure you can have mental health days. It’s really easy to get caught up in everything you’re doing, and sometimes taking an hour or two to hang out with friends or watch a movie really helps.