GHS to create grant-funded Aviation, Drone Flight and Cybersecurity lab

Photo of adults in masks holding a giant check outside in front of school building
The Goshen High School received $50,000 in grant funds to create a new Aviation, Drone Flight and Cybersecurity lab. From left, Orange County Legislator James O’Donnell, Assistant Superintendent Jason Carter, Assistant Principal Kyle Roddey, Principal Jennifer Martin, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, Superintendent Daniel Connor, Board of Education President Jason Pucci, STEAM Teacher Dillon Johnson, STEAM Teacher Joe Fedor, K-12 Technology Coordinator Jon Redeker and Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Matt O’Brien.

The Goshen Central School District received a $50,000 grant for the purchase and installation of an Aviation, Drone Flight and Cybersecurity lab at Goshen High School.

Last school year, the high school finished construction of its STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) Lab and developed several new courses for students to utilize the new learning space, including hands-on learning in computer science, robotics, engineering, graphics and spatial skills, computer-aided design, coding and more.

The Aviation, Drone Flight and Cybersecurity lab will be an educational space installed within the STEAM lab where students will learn advanced computer science, coding and computer programming — all necessary for in the emerging fields of cybersecurity, aviation, and drone flight.

The lab was the brainchild of Assistant Principal Kyle Roddey, who approached Assemblyman Colin J. Schmitt in an effort to secure funding to subsidize its cost.

“The STEAM Team at Goshen High School is constantly reviewing world trends to identify new opportunities for students,” said Roddey. “We saw that the use of drone technology continues to grow and has significant student interest, and wanted to provide both drone technology and flight simulation in-house for career and technical training opportunities.”

Roddey shared his vision with Assemblyman Schmitt in order to create a plan to pursue funding. The grant will cover approximately 90 percent of the project’s cost.

“The creation of an Aviation, Drone Flight, and Cybersecurity lab at Goshen High School is a revolutionary learning opportunity that will ensure our local students can be at the forefront of these emerging industries,” Assemblyman Schmitt said. “With hightech and aviation opportunities growing by leaps and bounds, I am proud to deliver this funding to the Goshen Central School District.”

Goshen High School students will be able to take the drone, aviation and cybersecurity courses in fall 2021.