View instructions and tech support tips for remote learning

Remote learning begins Sept. 8 for students in grades K-12. Please note the following.

  1. Students should log into Google Chrome in order to access their assignments at the start of their school day.
  2. To log into Google, use the following credentials:
    • Username:
      • Password: SAS & GIS: stlunchnumber
      • CJH & GHS: It is a user generated password
  3. On Day 1, please head to Google Classroom directly for your introductions. In general, navigate to the following applications, in this order, to simplify finding materials, announcements and assignments:
    • Classlink: Sign into Classlink to find the different apps and programs as assigned by teachers. Classlink generates and saves passwords automatically, so families won’t need to remember multiple usernames and passwords. Using Classlink to access Google apps like Classroom will also help the teacher track your participation in all class activities. Once you get Classlink working, this should be your starting portal into Classroom as well.
      • To log into Classlink, use the following credentials:
        • Username: firstname.lastname
        • Password: st#lunchnumber
      • Once you sign in, you can link your Google Account in your profile to enable “Sign In With Google”
    • GMail: All students K-12 have a protected email account that will serve as an aggregator of all materials being shared via Google Classroom.
    • Google Calendar: When due dates are assigned in Google Classroom, they get populated to Google Calendar specifically color coded by classroom. Calendar will help map out a day or week for the assignment to be completed. Each event listed in Google Calendar will link directly to assignments posted in Google Classroom.
    • Google Classroom: Once in Classroom, the Stream will have announcements; start here on Opening Day. To find assignments later, click the 3 parallel lines at the top of the screen to find a “To Do” list for the student. Then proceed to click through each Google Classroom to view the announcements (Stream tab) and assignments (Classwork tab).
      • Navigate to the Classwork page using the links at the top. On the left, the Topics tab can filter into specific categories that may be outlined by the instructor.

Helpful tips


To log into Google and Classlink, you need your child’s lunch number (ID number).

  • To log into Google, it’s / stlunchnumber.
  • To log into Classlink, it’s firstname.lastname / st#lunchnumber.

If you don’t know your child’s lunch/ID#, you can log into your Parent Portal account to find it. If you are still struggling to find the information, please email your child’s teacher for assistance. Teacher email addresses are set up as


If your child is in need of instructional support, First, contact your child’s teacher; then, if needed, contact your child’s school technology personnel:

  • SAS:
  • GIS:
  • CJH:
  • GHS:


Many issues with Chromebooks may be solved with an update to the operating system. Visit Google Support for instructions on how to update your system.

The Goshen Central School District Technical Services/Technology Team will provide technical assistance Monday through Friday for district-issued Chromebooks. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Access the technology assistance request form.


A variety of video tutorials are available to help students and families navigate through Google Classroom, Gmail and more. You can view the tutorials and other helpful information here.


Keeping your data safe while working online is important. Please review this helpful article about how the district is working to keep your information safe and what you can do to keep your data private. View the article about online privacy. 

* Additionally, remember that student Google accounts and Chromebooks are district property and will be filtered and monitored to be in compliance with our student and technology acceptable use policies.


  • In Google, set a profile picture so that when your camera is off, the teacher knows who is there.
  • Mute yourself upon entry to Google Meets to eliminate unnecessary noise. Unmute to participate (ctrl +d is the shortcut for unmuting/muting).
  • Have a dedicated work space with paper, pencils and other supplies handy. Make sure you are comfortable and have a quiet space to learn.
  • Stay organized. Make a weekly calendar with classes, upcoming assignment deadlines and dedicated time to studying.
  • Remember that your teachers are there for you. If you need help, please reach out and schedule time to speak with your teacher for any challenges that you are experiencing. You may also contact your guidance counselor, if applicable.
  • Take care of yourself: Remember to get plenty of sleep, eat a good breakfast, take each day one step at a time. You can do this!

PLEASE NOTE: The first few days of remote learning may have some hiccups. Please have patience with your child’s teachers, support staff and more importantly, yourself and your child. Questions and assistance will be given as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate the start of the school year together.