View Key Reopening Points from department heads

Director of Buildings and Grounds James Riley, Food Service Director Al Muhlnickel, Transportation Director Karen Wells and Head Nurse Nancy Ellefsen put together a list of key reopening points for their respective departments in order to help clarify some common questions for our school community.

Buildings & Grounds Key Reopening Points

Building Entry

  • Temperature scanning of all entrants to the school buildings will be done, each morning. Devices have the capacity to scan 16 people at a time.
  • Temperature devices are hooked up to computer monitors which monitored by aides.
  • Students/staff who register as having a temperature, will be escorted to nurse’s station.
  • No touch thermometers will be used as back up, if needed.


  • Hallways and or stairways, etc. will be marked as to proper directional flow for students/staff. In addition, 6 ft. spacing markings as appropriate.
  • During the course of the day, the cleaning and disinfecting of most frequently touched surfaces (handrails, door handles, door jambs, etc.) will occur. In addition, other objects or areas will be cleaned and disinfected, as required, due to daily circumstances or conditions.
  • Hand sanitizers (containing minimum 60% alcohol content) will be available strategically throughout the buildings. Supervision at sanitizer stations will occur as per NYSED & NYS Department of Health guidelines.
  • For GHS and CJH: During the course of the day, students will be given disposable “Kraft” paper-desk top covering sheets (pre-cut) to place on their desks. At the end of the period and before each class change, students will place their paper coverings in a recycling receptacle.
  • Following meal service and consumption, food service items will be removed from classroom areas.
  • Water fountains with bubblers and water bottler fillers – bubbler will be turned off and the ability to fill water bottles will remain on. Water fountains with only bubblers will be turned off.
  • End of school day: each classroom and office will be cleaned and disinfected. Battery operated foggers will be used for disinfecting rooms nightly. Fogging takes approximately one minute per room. Surfaces that students and staff will frequently touch (e.g. desk tops and chairs) will be wiped down after fogging.
  • Disinfectants used for classrooms and offices are the same disinfectants that have been previously used in the buildings.
  • Emergency drills will be staggered.

Food Service Key Reopening Points

  • Breakfast will be available in each school for students who need their morning meal. Breakfast will be cold and individually wrapped.
  • Lunches will be delivered to the classrooms. Lunches will be cold and individually wrapped. Over time, hot food items may be added.
  • Food orders may take place through Google Forms daily.
  • Students with allergies will be identified before meals are served – please ensure district nurses are aware of all food related allergies.
  • All students will receive free school meals until Dec. 31, 2020.
  • When the free school meal program ends (Jan. 1, 2021), please send in payments in a sealed envelope that will be sent to the cafeteria staff, or if you choose you can use the My School Bucks application to deposit money on your students account. Students that order meals that do not have funds on account will receive their meal and a letter of negative balances will be mailed to the address of record for their parents to make arrangement for payment to the district school lunch program.
  • While students are virtual learning, meals will be available for pick up at schools in the district at designated times so as to not interfere with the daily routine of the school building.
  • All equipment used to transport meals outside of the cafeteria will be sanitized before reuse for meal transportation.
  • The food service department will work to maintain social distance requirements and prepare food that is safe and sanitary for the students in accordance with the district reopening plan.

School Nurse/Health Department Key Reopening Points

A letter from the school nurses was posted for parents regarding changes in the health office including:

  • Students will be sent home with any one sign or symptom of COVID as per
    NYSDOH guidelines and NYSED law 906.
  • Parents should have a plan to pick up their child as well as a back-up plan.
  • Guidelines to return to school after illness is clearly defined:
    • Students will go to their Primary Care Provider (PCP) AND have COVID testing. A letter from their PCP.
  • Current CDC guidelines recommend the use of a MDI instead of nebulizer delivered asthma medication when feasible.
  • Should a nebulizer treatment be needed and administered, that treatment will be done outside as this is the safest area for aerosol use.
  • If your child carries his or her own inhaler, we will request that child to step outside of the classroom to administer. This keeps the child in a safer environment and away from others while they take off their mask.
  • A letter from the Medical Director will be sent to parents regarding use of hand sanitizer in schools as per NYS regulations.
  • A letter from building principals will be sent to parents regarding the importance of good hand hygiene and specific health hazards listed for whatever brand(s) hand sanitizer we are using.
  • The health offices in every building will meet specific NYSED/NYSDOH regulations and have a healthy room and isolation room. Both rooms will require a supervising adult at all times when a student is present.
  • The supervising adult in the isolation room will be wearing additional PPE as per NYSED guidelines.
  • Mandated immunization requirements have not changed due to this pandemic. All required immunizations are due within the
    first 14 days of school with the exception of any medically excused child.

Transportation Key Reopening Points

  • A medical screening questionnaire will need to be filled out by the parent / guardian of each student prior to them boarding the bus each day. View the COVID-19 Screening Attestation.
  • Social distancing should be observed at the bus stop – parental responsibility
  • Pick up and drop off bus stop locations will be essentially the same as last year
  • Buses will run at 50% capacity.
  • One student per seat. Students from the same household will sit together.
  • Students will have assigned seats.
  • All who ride must wear a mask during the entire ride (Drivers, Monitors and Students)
  • Drivers/Monitors will wear gloves if it is necessary to physically assist a student.
  • Starting with the first bus stop the students will load the bus from back to front. Staff will help guide students on and off the bus.
  • Unloading will start from front to back, observing social distancing.
  • All buses will go to each school (no shuttles).
  • High touch areas will be wiped down between HS/MS and Elementary runs.
  • Buses will be disinfected at the end of each day.