Jennifer Martin appointed as principal of Goshen High School

Photo of woman sitting on steps
Goshen High School Principal Jennifer Martin

During the July 7 Board of Education meeting, Jennifer M. Martin was appointed principal of Goshen High School. She will replace Thomas Heinzelman who has served as interim principal since October 2018.

Martin comes to Goshen from Ramapo High School where she served as Academic Standards Facilitator since September 2019. In her position, she worked with district and school building administrators to ensure a high quality and rigorous curriculum for students. Previously, she taught English Language Arts, English as a New Language, and Law & Literature, and also conducted her internship at Ramapo High School. Locally, she taught at both Monroe-Woodbury High School and Middletown High School.

Although Martin’s career path led her to education, it didn’t begin there. She began her career as project manager for a consulting firm and believes that those experiences helped lead her to career in education.

“As project manager, I was attracted to the pace and ingenuity but there was no stronghold of relationships,” she said. “I had studied educational policy and returned to that idea, but also felt like I couldn’t successfully speak to those groups without boots on the ground.”

That revelation led Martin to follow her passion and pursue her teaching credentials.

“It was the right fit,” she said. “Education isn’t work for me; it’s just a part of my life.”

Martin is passionate about providing equity-minded, student-centered academic opportunities for all students, and has experience working with diverse student populations. She feels strongly about building relationships with faculty and staff in order to support their ideas and enhance their success through professional development and support.

“There are numerous challenges to school leadership, and I always handle them by asking whether or not it’s good for the kids,” she said. “Since I’ve come to Goshen, I’ve done a lot of listening so that I can have a deep understanding of its culture and initiatives in order to contribute in a way that is meaningful and beneficial.”

Martin received a bachelor of arts degree in English and teacher certification from Dominican College. She pursued two master’s degrees at Columbia University Teachers College in Teaching of English and School Building/District Leadership. Martin is an adjunct professor of graduate teacher education and undergraduate English at Dominican college, her alma mater.

“When I began working in school leadership, I imagined myself in a district like Goshen, with a strong sense of school community, family involvement and dedicated teachers,” she said. “It feels like a place that can become family.”

Five things to know about Principal Jennifer Martin

  1. She loves pie – especially mixed berry. Make it a la mode!
  2. Her favorite subject as a student was English literature
  3. If the television’s on, she’s likely watching a detective show or cooking show (think “Monk” or the “Great British Baking Show”)
  4. She loves being outdoors, especially hiking, gardening, photography and playing soccer
  5. Her favorite band? Foo Fighters