Goshen High School track now open to the public

Pursuant to the necessary approvals from local authorities, the track at Goshen Central High School will be open to the public effective May 22.

Opening the track for leisure activity will play a crucial role in the community’s collective return to normalcy. It is important, however, to take extra precautions to ensure compliance with state and local guidelines amid recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


The track at the high school will be open to the public 7 days per week between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Social distancing and face coverings required

Much like the rest of Orange County, appropriate social distancing of six feet apart and face coverings (if appropriate) are required while using the high school track.

No bikes, pets permitted

The opening of the high school track is intended strictly for residents to use at their leisure. The use of vehicles of any kind, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc., is strictly prohibited in the track area. Dogs, cats, and other pets are not allowed inside the track area.

Restrooms closed

For the safety of those using the track, the restrooms located in the athletic facility will remain closed to the public.

Supervision and security

To enforce social distancing guidelines and to eliminate misuse of the facilities, district personnel will be on-site to supervise the area. Residents will be asked to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance from one another while using the track. Those who do not comply with this request will be asked to leave the premises.

During public use of the track, the Village of Goshen Police Deptartment will increase their patrols at Goshen High School. In addition to an increased presence, the Village of Goshen Police Department will be on standby in the event they are needed.

Surveillance information

Like the other areas of the high school campus, the high school track is under 24-hour surveillance. Camera footage is reviewed regularly by district personnel to ensure proper use of the athletic facilities.

School events information

As stated in the Facilities Usage Policy of GCSD, the district reserves the right to close facilities to the public for the purposes of a school or municipal function.