Goshen High School announces graduation plan options

Dear parents and guardians of Goshen High School seniors:

This communication should serve to clarify the plans for Goshen High School Graduation.

After meeting with a representative group of seniors, advisors, teachers and administrators, it has been determined that we need to consider three options for graduation:

Plan 1

Graduation at Historic Track on June 26 as scheduled. We are hopeful that this ever changing climate as a result of COVID-19, will allow for large social gatherings so that we may proceed with a traditional graduation.

Plan 2

Due to the fact that the social distancing restrictions may not be lifted by June 26, the recommendation would be to host graduation on JULY 31 at Historic Track. The feeling is that waiting until the end of July, might give us the time necessary to have an in-person graduation provided there is change in the social gathering directives from the Governor’s Office.

Plan 3

Virtual graduation on or about July 31 at a drive-in venue, to-be-determined. This virtual ceremony will be prepared in house under the direction of Mr. Jim Quinlan. Although it is our intention to execute Plan 1 or Plan 2, we must be prepared for a virtual graduation. With that in mind, we will begin the process for creating the virtual graduation immediately, and ask for your support as we prepare, in the event we need to go in that direction.

Although this is a unique period in history, it is incumbent upon us to provide our seniors with the most memorable ceremony possible. To that end, we will work collaboratively with the seniors so that they have input in all decisions relative to their graduation.

In advance, I thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.


Thomas Heinzelman
Interim Principal of Goshen High School