Seniors: View the new electronic scholarship application process

The Goshen High School Guidance Counselors have created an online Common Scholarship Application Packets for seniors. The deadline to submit your application is Thursday, April 30 at 3 p.m.

If you need to borrow a Chromebook, email Mr. O’Brien at

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. First, complete the online survey.  All Class of 2020 seniors must fill out this survey, even if you are not applying for scholarships. The survey results will allow counselors to collect information about who is applying for each of the 38 scholarships available. Don’t skip this step; this information will be used to organize your submitted documents.
  2. Next, open the Electronic Common Scholarship Application. Follow the directions carefully to transfer your answers from your completed packet to the new electronic copy. You will use the Kami Google Extension to populate the new electronic document. If you have not used Kami before, you may need to activate it when you open your first PDF file.

Please view the instructional video to help guide you as you complete your electronic application.

Join Guidance Counselor Deana Lenz at 3 p.m. Tuesday, April 21 via Google Meet to ask questions and address concerns.

Again, the deadline is April 30 at 3 p.m.

Please note that the Coronavirus health crisis may affect the availability or processing of some scholarships; however, you are encouraged to submit your applications as planned.

Questions? Please contact your child’s guidance counselor.