Goshen High School artists recognized with national award

Goshen High School students—Amanda Fernandez, Ava DiGrandi, and Ben Pahucki—were named National Winners in the 2020 Scholastic Arts Awards.

A dress made of newspaper and book covers
Amanda Fernandez won for her newspaper and book-cover theme dress.
Drawing/illustration depicting an astronaut standing on top of the moon, lokking out to a bruised and patched planet Earth that's spewing trash and smoke. The astronaut is radioing Earth, saying, "Houston, we have a problem.
Ava DiGrandi won gold for her political cartoon, “Injuries to the World.”








Oil painting of an Adirondack landscape depicting a small body of water surrounded by patches of tall grass, purple flowers and white birch trees. Deeper in the background is wooded hill set against a blue sky with puffy clouds.
Ben Pahucki won gold for his Adirondack landscape painting.

This was the first year Goshen High School had three national winners in this annual competition.  All three students were due to receive their awards at Carnegie Hall on June 5. The ceremony has since been cancelled due to ongoing social distancing restrictions.

Please join the District and the Goshen High School community in congratulating them for extraordinary achievement on our Facebook page.  The students’ art teachers are Amber Brown and Christina Pahucki.