Common Scholarship Application deadline to be extended

Because of the extended district closing, the Common Scholarship Application due date will be extended (the application was originally due March 24. A new due date will be determined.

Guidance counselors advise seniors to keep working on the forms and essays for scholarships so that applications are ready to be submitted when school is back in session.

Tips for organization:

  • Review Parts I and II and the checklist to ensure there are no errors or missing items.
  • Make notes for yourself of how many copies you need of Part I and Part II.
  • Make sure your name is written on the top of each page of the scholarship checklist.
  • Review the checklist to be sure you have written YES or NO next to each scholarship to accurately indicate which you are applying for.
  • Label your essays with your name and the scholarship title to help you organize your documents.
  • On the top right hand corner of the first page of the checklist, write the total number of scholarships that your are applying for.

The steps above will help both you and the guidance office staff as you submit your packets.

Please do not hesitate to contact your counselor via email if you have questions or concerns.

Print the Common Scholarship Application.

View the Goshen High School Guidance Department website.