Naomi Aclin named Grand Prize Winner in Substance Abuse Prevention Poster Contest

Naomi Aclin, a fifth grade student in Amanda Tirado’s class at the Goshen Intermediate School, is the Grand Prize Winner in the Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) of Orange County’s Annual Substance Abuse Prevention Poster Design Contest in the Spanish category.

Girl smiling holding balloons
Naomi Aclin won the Grand Prize in the ADAC Substance Abuse Prevention Poster Design Contest.

This year’s contest theme for grades 1-6 is “I am the Best Me When I am Drug Free.”

Naomi’s poster design was selected from more than 1,300 posters created by classmates from throughout Orange County. She was surprised during class with the news by Principal Matthew Wentworth and MaryAlice Kovatch, ADAC prevention coordinator. She will receive a $200 grand prize and will be honored at an awards ceremony in May.

Naomi is the Intermediate School’s first grand prize winner in the poster contest since 2006, when former student Lee Bush was awarded the same prize.

Naomi was unable to articulate the inspiration for her design, but her teacher, Amanda Tirado, said, “Naomi draws from the heart, every single time.”

Several of Naomi’s classmates at Goshen Intermediate School also placed in the contest, including fourth grader Darrany Seng who placed first in the grades 4-6 category, and third graders Evey Tracy who placed third in the grades 1-3 category. Other students received Honorable Mentions, including:

  • Sophia Azevedo, grade 3
  • Melania Civitano, grade 3
  • Ethan Cruz, grade 3
  • Isabella Cruz, grade 3
  • Jaiden Fallon, grade 3
  • Kailani Garo, grade 3
  • Michael Gorman, grade 3
  • Chris Gelardi, grade 3
  • Daniela Gomez-Redondo, grade 3
  • Mairead Hoens, grade 3
  • Jonathan Jiminez Anacleto, grade 3
  • Brielle Jurik, grade 3
  • Benjamin Kramer, grade 3
  • Ximena Mendoza Tovar, grade 3
  • Isabel Mitterbauer, grade 3
  • James Northup, grade 3
  • Travis Robert, grade 3
  • Mia Rucker, grade 3
  • Colette Sutter, grade 3
  • Richard Aguilar, grade 4
  • Ella Dennehy, grade 5
  • Molly English, grade 5
  • Nolan Ensall, grade 4
  • Meredith Greene, grade 5
  • Lauren Henderson, grade 4
  • Presley Muller, grade 4
  • Tristan Quinones, grade 5
  • Avery Ramsaier, grade 4
  • Scarlett Stanley, grade 5
  • Julia Wilson, grade 4
Naomi Aclin’s grand prize winning poster reads, “Soy el mejor yo cuando estoy libre de alcohol y drogas!