Goshen’s youngest design basic animation program

Five students working on their Chromebooks and interacting. nteract

First and second graders at Scotchtown Avenue School are using the engineering design process to build a computer program in ScratchJr.

Two students work on their ChromebooksThe challenge involves moving a character over every square of a 15 x 20-square grid, and it is the equivalent of basic computer animation.

Students first thought through the problem by drawing on a paper grid all the possible paths and directions their character could take. Then they wrote an actual algorithm or list of steps to perform the task on ScratchJr.  Teacher points at Chromebooks as two students look at it.

In the testing/evaluation phase of the project, students will also explain why and how their program works.

This Project Lead the Way (PLTW) activity is part of the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) curriculum and takes place in the school’s STEAM lab. Working in a collaborative environment, students grapple with driving questions and reflect on their learning experience, guided by lab teacher Michelle Girardi, with support from their classroom teacher.

More about Project Lead the Way

Students points at smart board as teacher looks onAligned with New York State’s Next Generation Learning Standards, Project Lead the Way encompasses all areas of STEAM. Teachers act as coaches and facilitators to encourage inquiry and collaboration, and inspire a love of learning.

In addition to training and achieving certification over the summer months, our teachers are supported year-round by the program’s comprehensive classroom resources.