Goshen Greats nominated by teachers for academics, leadership

The Goshen High School recently honored eight students as Goshen Greats for the second marking period.

Each quarter, the Goshen Greats program recognizes the unique achievements of one student from each major discipline. Students are nominated by their teachers for accomplishments that are benchmarks in their academic career or demonstrate school leadership.

The Goshen Greats and their families were invited to a breakfast held in the cafeteria in their honor, where they were given certificates of achievement. The breakfast was prepared by Family and Consumer Science Teacher Lisa Dombrowski.

Congratulations to the second quarter Goshen Greats:

  • Miranda Faber, nominated by Social Studies Teacher Charles Rivera for her accomplishments in Global History 10
  • Conor Thornton, nominated by Music Teacher Kimberly Longo for his accomplishments in Band
  • Diego AC Pop, nominated by Health Teacher Joseph Manaseri for his accomplishments in First Aid/CPR
  • Ana Loter, nominated by Social Studies Teacher Marie Jane Panzer for her accomplishments in World History 9 Honors
  • Emily Kim, nominated by Science Teacher Roseanne Lesser for her accomplishments in Chemistry
  • Michael Jakakas, nominated by Math Teacher Andrew Krish for his accomplishments in Calculus
  • Mia Colangelo, nominated by Foreign Language Teacher Jeri Krish for her accomplishments in French II
  • Nicole Healy, nominated by English Teacher James Quinlan for her accomplishments in Mythology