UPDATE! “Coins for Koalas” collection nearing $500 goal

Update: GIS students have raised $410 for the animals in Australia and are zeroing in on their $500 goal that they hope to accomplish before the end of the month. Send in your spare change to help our students reach their goal! There is also a collection can at the Main Street Administration Building.

Read the original story below:

Students in Teegan Kennedy’s fourth grade class have started a coin drive, “Coins for Koalas,” in order to help the animals affected by the wildfires in Australia.

Students created posters and set out donation cans to collect spare change that they will donate tot he World Wildlife Fund in Australia, who will use the funds to help animals, plant trees and reestablish the lost habitat, and filter the 350 million tons of carbon dioxide that was released into the atmosphere.

Families can send in spare change with their students to help these altruistic students with their goals of helping the devastation in Australia.

Questions? Email Teegan Kennedy at teegan.kennedy@gcsny.org.

Poster of collection amounts with picture of koala

Smiling boy and girl standing in front of poster on wall.
Jacob Loter and Kaylee Croughan in front of one of the many posters they created with their classmates for their Coins for Koalas initiative at Goshen Intermediate School.