Benicio Vanichpong-Barbosa, Jasmine Fernandez named winners of CJH spelling bee

Man in suit and woman in suit with teenage girl and boy.
Benicio Vanichpong-Barbosa and Jasmine Fernandez are their grade-level winners of the school-wide spelling bee at C. J. Hooker Middle School. They are pictured with Principal Heather Carman and Assistant Principal Robert Siracuse.

Benicio Vanichpong-Barbosa and Jasmine Fernandez were named the winners of the C. J. Hooker Middle School annual spelling bee for the seventh and eighth grade, respectively.

On February 6, 20 participants in grades seven and eight competed to be named the best speller for their grade level. Participants earned their spot during the classroom round.

This year’s school bee was especially memorable: it lasted a record 41 rounds, with the final 21 rounds between twin sisters Jasmine and Amanda Fernandez. The word that eventually ended the bee was oniomania, which means an excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm for buying things.

Benicio and Jasmine will represent Goshen at the Orange County Spelling Bee next month.

Congratulations to all the participants:

7th Grade Gold Team

  • Mackenzie Cipriani
  • Jafar Hayes
  • Yawer Awais
  • Pavan Rampam
  • Sabrina Diaz

7th Grade Red Team

  • Abigail Jordon
  • Gabe Torres
  • Kyle Durant
  • Nico Vanichpong-Barbosa
  • Ella Klugman

8th Grade Green Team

  • Ahmed Arif
  • Julia Barba
  • Rohan Chhabra
  • Bryce Rodriguez
  • Jared Seecharran

8th Grade Blue Team

  • Michael Bonito
  • Amanda Fernadez
  • Jasmine Fernanez
  • Axel Jackson
  • Garret McGovern
Large group of students in the school library.
The participants of the school-wide spelling bee at C. J. Hooker Middle School.