Students selected as January Students of the Month

C. J. Hooker Middle School Principal Heather Carman is proud to announce the January Students of the Month.

The student of the month is:

  • Respectful – The student treats classmates, teachers and staff with respect by valuing each as an individual, respecting differences, and valuing the work that others do.
  • Responsible – The student embraces the responsibility required to maintain progress in their schoolwork and other personal goals.
  • Positive – The student contributes to the success of the school by promoting a positive school climate through their actions and words.
  • Honest – The student communicates truthfully and in a respectful way with classmates, teachers, staff and refrains from dishonesty in completing academic work.
  • Committed to success – The student strives for success in all they do and works to the best of their ability.

Grade 6

Kathryn Mills comes to school every day, and tries her best.  She comes to class prepared, ready to work and learn.  Even though some subjects are hard and she may feel overwhelmed, she does not give up.  She is determined to do better. Kathryn is kind to others, and very helpful to her teachers.  She loves to help other people. She is very caring, and supportive of her friends. Her smile can make a person’s day brighter.  It is a pleasure to recognize Kathryn as student of the month!

Joseph Gatto is an outstanding young adult. He is kind towards other students and always willing to help his peers. He has a great personality and is a pleasure to have in class. He is intelligent and inquisitive. It is a privilege to recognize Joseph as student of the month.

Mary Ellen Collins comes in every day with a smile and a friendly greeting. Every day, she comes to school prepared to work hard.  She is focused and attentive, and puts her best effort into everything. She is very responsible and always has a positive attitude. Mary Ellen is kind and thoughtful to her peers, is always willing to step up and help and treats everyone respectfully! Mary Ellen is a perfect choice for student of the month!

Ruben Jimenez is a bright, motivated and competitive student who strives for excellence. Ruben comes to class every day with a warm greeting and a desire to learn. He is supportive and collaborative with his peers which makes him a great role model in class. Ruben is a positive influence on others and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a classmate. It is a pleasure to nominate Ruben for a well-deserved nomination for being selected as a featured student of the month.

Special Areas: Michelle Leon-Bautista always has a smile and a kind word.  She stays behind to organize the student folders after class. Work is always on time. She assists those around her. She is such a sweetheart and is very deserving to be honored as a student of the month!

Grade 7

Katie Palau is a reserved and polite young lady. Whether she is interacting with teachers, or working with her peers, she demonstrates kindness and a good-hearted nature. Katie is also artistically talented! She is good at making others feel recognized and special through her artwork. In class, Katie follows directions, is not afraid to ask questions, and participate. Keep up the good work, Katie! Congratulations on being selected as one of January’s Student of the Month.

Samuel Kim is more than deserving of being a Student of the Month. Sam does a fantastic job of staying on task in class, turning his work in on time, and being respectful of both his peers and his teachers.  Samuel is friendly and kind. He always has a smile on his face and has been a wonderful addition to our school since entering this fall. Congratulations Sam and keep up the good work!

Tristan Brown is a polite, friendly, and well-mannered student. He works hard in all of his classes and is always an active class participant. Tristan enjoys helping out around the classroom and serves as a positive role model to his peers.

Special Areas: Lefa Brown is a very talented musician and always maintains a positive attitude. She is an excellent role model to others in class. Lefa continues to be respectful & enthusiastic each and every day in chorus class and is an absolute pleasure to teach.

Grade 8

Vaughn Blough is respectful, empathetic and always appropriate.  He is friendly with all students and cooperative with adults. He comes to school with a positive attitude and greets everyone with a genuine smile. He is well mannered and appreciative of any efforts made to help him and does what he can to help others. Vaughn is curious and intelligent and demonstrates great potential for academic success.

Jackson Mitterbauer always comes to class with a positive attitude and a desire to learn. He works hard, contributes to classroom discussions, and works well with his peers. Jackson is always respectful and is committed to academic success. Congratulations to Jackson!

Brian Shannon is a polite and friendly student who has done a wonderful job so far this school year.  Brian maintains a positive attitude and faces challenges directly with humor and ease. It is our pleasure to nominate Brian for student of the month.

Special Areas: Charles Bende is an excellent art student. He has art 9th period, and almost always keep working on projects right through after school. He is extremely persistent and will keep working on his art until he feels it’s as perfect as he can get. His commitment to his work is a great example for others to follow.