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Junior Science Olympiad places first at Sacred Heart University Invitational

Group of teens in matching red shirts
Goshen’s Science Olympiad teams competed at the Sacred Heart University Invitational on Jan. 25.

Goshen’s Science Olympiad teams competed in the Sacred Heart University Invitational on January 25.

The district’s two Junior teams, comprised of students in grades 6-9, that placed first and eleventh overall; and two Senior teams that placed fourth and thirteenth.

Individual results are:

Junior Teams

  • Luke Webster and Rohan Chabbra: First place, Mousetrap Vehicle
  • Tanner Conklin and Kiran Foster: First place, Machines
  • Carlos Alicea, Rohan Chabbra and Kiara¬† Foster: First place, Experimental Design
  • Henry Dong and Rhyse Ruffy: Second place, Dynamic Planet
  • Luke Webster and Eesha Ramanathan: Second place, Heredity
  • Jacob Cortes and Kiran Foster: Third place, Game On
  • Aiden Meyers and Eesha Ramanathan: Third place, Reach for the Stars
  • Kiran Foster and Axel Jackson: Third place, Circuit Lab
  • Chloe Mosquera and Kiara Paulino: Third place, Mission Possible

Senior Teams

  • Eesha Ramanathan and Luke Webster (grade 8): Second place, Heredity
  • Eesha Ramanathan and Aiden Meyers (grade 8): Third place, Reach for the Stars
  • Eesha Ramanathan and Cat Lienemann: First place, Anatomy
  • Cat Lienemann and Cora Pahucki: First place, Fossils
  • Kiara Paulino and Chloe Mosquera (grade 8): Third place, Mission Possible
  • Kiara Paulino, Carlos Alicea (grade 8) and Rohan Chhabra (grade 8): First place, Experimental Design
  • Kaylee Kohn and AJ Bauer: First place, Write It Do It
  • Jack Moran and Melissa Moore: Third place, Ornithology
  • Andrew Hablow and Ryan Mistretta: Third place, Dynamic Planet
  • Andrew Hablow and Melissa Moore: Third place, Geologic Mapping
  • Alex Mistretta and Arun Foster: Second place, Detector Building
  • Jason Barnes and Alex Mistretta: Second place, Machines
  • Jason Barnes and Ryan Hludzinski: First place, Gravity Vehicle
  • Ryan Hludzinski and Eve Doyle: First place, Astronomy