Nolan Ensall wins school-wide National Geographic Bee

Three boys with certificates smiling with woman and man
Nolan Ensall, center, is this year’s winner of the National Geographic Bee at Goshen Intermediate School. He is pictured with Debra Gonzales, fifth grade teacher/geographic bee coordinator; Logan Gottlieb, third place winner; Mason Haswell, second place winner; and Matthew Wentworth, school principal.

Fourth grader Nolan Ensall is this year’s champion of the school-wide National Geographic Bee at Goshen Intermediate School. His classmates, Mason Haswell and Logan Gottlieb, placed second and third, respectively.

The National Geographic Bee is a nationwide competition of fourth through eighth graders held in thousands of schools across the United States. According to Fifth Grade Teacher and Geographic Bee Coordinator Debra Gonzales, the Bee was very competitive this year at GIS, with 31 students qualifying to participate.

As the champion of the school-level Bee, Nolan will take an online test which gives him the chance to qualify for the State level competition. Winners at the State level have the opportunity to compete in the National Championship Bee.

Congratulations to this year’s Geography Bee qualifiers:

Alex Bonito, Logan Diglio, Anna Heater, Stephen Mathew, Valentin Schaller, Tarunya Balamurali, Lucas Collishaw, Antonio Civitano, Luka Radjenovic, Melanie Bonito, Jackson St. Lawrence, Guy Coppers Constantino, Ethan Batista, Adrian Flanigan, Myles Henry, Julia Wilson, Mason Haswell, Emma Lewis, Avery Ramsaier, Tyler Hanley, Jordan Kovacs, Brennan Banas, Edward Deyo, Gisselle Charles, Nolan Ensall, Parker Olson, Michelle Navidad, Logan Gottlieb, Riley McGuire and Monica Avila.

How would you do on the National Geographic Bee? Try to answer some of these sample questions:

  1. Which state has a longer coastline—Maine or Rhode Island?
  2. The Great Barrier Reef is roughly the size of Italy. This reef is located in the Coral Sea off the coast of which continent?
  3. The Vai script is a unique indigenous writing system found in Sierra Leone and what country to its southeast?


  1. Maine
  2. Australia
  3. Liberia