Unity Club members collect donations for their four-legged friends

Students smiling with blankets and boxes of cans.
The Unity Club collected hundreds of items to help benefit their four-legged friends at the Goshen Humane Society.

Unity Club members from the C. J. Hooker Middle School recently donated boxes of items to benefit the animals at the Goshen Humane Society.

Club members organized the school-wide collection where each homeroom competed to collect the most items. The students in Nancy Clark’s homeroom collected the most with 160 items!

The students collected dog and cat food, toys, biscuits, treats, blankets, towels and more for their four-legged friends.

The Unity Club is open to all students in grades 6-8. Its goal is to welcome diversity, embrace kindness and foster inclusion. The club is led by advisory Gabriela Ackert.

A young girl smiling with donations.