Holiday themes inspire learning activities

As winter recess and the holidays draw near, it takes some ingenuity to keep students engaged in learning while their excitement keeps mounting.

Today, Friday, Dec. 20, the last day of school before students, faculty and staff go home for their holiday celebrations and winter break, was also pajama day at Goshen Intermediate School.

But the learning was on seizing on the students’ high energy and the season’s themes.

Fourth-graders in Michele Pacciarelli and Kelly Mecocci’s class tested their understanding of the pre-algebra concepts of area and perimeter by building paper gingerbread houses.

They measured and recorded each building component using units and square units, and applied area and perimeter formulas to calculate the total area of their colorful houses.

Fifth-graders in Patricia Antisin’s class applied problem-solving and collaboration skills to building the longest possible Christmas chain using two sheets of construction paper and 12” of masking tape.

Students in Leigh Neil’s classroom researched holiday traditions around the world and shared about their own family’s.

A very special holiday season to the GIS school community!