GIS students participate in global #HourOfCode event

Students wearing head phones work at their ChromebooksGoshen Intermediate School students are among the millions of children in more than 180 countries celebrating the #HourOfCode this week, Dec. 9-13. Hour of Code is both a global movement and an annual week-long event engaging tens of millions of students in 45 world languages to introduce them to computer science.

Student wearing head phones uses Chromebook for an Hour of Code activity“We started participating in the Hour of Code five years ago,” said Kendra Parchinski, GIS’s instruction and technology teaching assistant who hosted the activity for all grades in the school’s computer lab. Student wearing head phones uses Chromebook for an Hour of Code activity“Originally, the intention was to give students a first taste of coding, but now coding has been integrated in other areas of curriculum and into our classrooms.”

Computer science is increasingly permeating all aspects of modern life. Hour of Code events teach  students that computers have a language of their own, based on logical thinking. The activity requires the use of adaptable, lifelong learning skills, such as problem-solving , critical thinking, creativity and information management.

GIS students exercised these skills this week through the self-led Dance Two students wearing headphones sit working on ChromebooksParty tutorial featuring dance music by Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Lil Nas X, Panic! At The Disco, Jonas Brothers, and many more!

Students chose their own song and animal dancers (cats, sloths, unicorns, bears) and programed backgrounds, light effects and dance moves.

Student wearing head phones uses Chromebook for an Hour of Code activityYou can try coding it at home, too. No experience necessary, and there’s an Hour of Code activity for everyone, from Minecraft to Star Wars, and popular cartoon shows, among hundreds of others. Check it out!