District officials move forward with district-wide goals

Board of Education members and building administrators are committed to creating district-wide goals and objectives in order to provide the best possible education for students at Goshen Central School District.

Board goals and objectives are reviewed annually and serve to guide the operation of the district and meet the needs of all students. District officials review specific data to identify areas of strength and concern, then work together to develop an action plan that meets the district’s vision, beliefs, objectives and measurable targets.

“I’ve attended several workshops with the members of the Board of Education and building administrators, and am pleased with their collaborative effort to create long term, measurable goals that will move the district forward and ensure that our students are career- and college-ready,” said Superintendent Daniel Connor. “It is our belief that all students can achieve at high academic levels, and we are working toward a common goal in consideration of their needs.”

Goals & Objectives for 2019-20

Goal 1: Improve student achievement/academic performance on the path to college- and career-readiness.

Goal 2: To support and promote college- and career-readiness and student success through effective and consistent communication in collaboration with parents and students.

Goal 3: To provide and expand technology and infrastructure in support of efficient teaching, learning, research and communication that is effective and meaningful.

Goal 4: To foster a positive social, emotional, and behavioral culture in which students are encouraged to attain academic and personal success.

Goal 5: To develop and expand collaborative efforts between students, administrators, faculty/staff, the Board of Education, and the community to foster learning, communication, understanding, positive culture, and school spirit within our schools and throughout our school community.