GIS Second Annual Scarecrow Extravaganza now on exhibit

Students in a classroom stuffing a scarecrow representing The Cat in a Hat.Inspired by favorite storybook characters, Goshen Intermediate Elementary students and their classroom teachers put on their Second Annual Scarecrow Extravaganza, now on view on the school’s front lawn.

Story-lines and illustrations can make for a memorable book, but it’s through a story’s characters that we most connect and relate to it. For children developing their literacy skills, connecting with stories can encourage lifelong reading and act as a springboard for writing.Students and scarecrows on a school lawn.

Scarecrow-building is also an engineering challenge requiring the use of creative and critical thinking, and collaborative skills. Students worked together to design their characters’ heads and bodies, prop them up, and bring them to life.

The scarecrow family waving at you from the GIS grounds depicts these beloved storybook characters, and a not-too-distant relative:

  • Camilla Cream from “A Bad Case of Stripes,” by Mrs. Holland’s class
  • Captain Underpants, by Mrs. Hopkins’s class
  • The Cat in the Hat, by Mrs. Piaquadio/Mrs. Cresce’s studentsA scarecrow standing on a lawn in front of a school building. She is dressed in colorful stripes, head to toe.
  • Harry Potter, by Mrs. Rampulla’s class
  • Harry Potter’s friend, Ron Weasley, by Mrs. Hernandez’s class
  • Harry Potter’s friend, Hermione Granger, by Mrs. Atkins/Mr. Mahony’s students
  • Mrs. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus,” by Mrs. Cestare’s class
  • The Headless Horseman, by Mrs. Kelton’s class
  • Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” by librarians Mrs. McKernan/Mrs. Schwerner
  • Cinderella, by Mrs. Zani’s class
  • Blue Man from the Blue Man Group (because songs are stories too), by Mrs. Kropp’s class

This project was made possible in part by the GIS PTO and Aden Brook Farm.