Goshen High School student injured while crossing the street by bus garage

At 2:15 p.m., a Goshen High School student was struck by a car while crossing the street in front of the district bus garage, toward Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School.

According to Village of Goshen Police Chief James Watt, the injured student had cut between school buses that were waiting to turn onto Scotchtown Avenue from dismissal at the high school. The student was walking with a group of classmates when he was hit by a passing car.

The student was transported by ambulance to the hospital in the company of his mother. According to Chief Watt, the student was conscious and alert, and did not appear to have any physical injuries besides a laceration to his head.

Accidents such as these are extremely scary for everyone. District officials would like to thank our local law enforcement and EMTs for their quick response to the situation as well as their excellent care of our students.