Seventh-grade project connects generations through writing

Seventh graders in Ms. Nardone and Mrs. Jordon’s ELA classes at C.J. Hooker Middle School have been writing fall-themed poems and messages for lunch guests of the Goshen Senior Center, and members of the FASNY Senior Home for volunteer firemen in Hudson, NY.

A selection of student poems was made into place-mats and promptly put to use at the senior center monthly lunch on October 28. Two hands gluing decorations around a poem

Other students elected to write poems dedicated to individual members of the FASNY Home, addressing them by name. Their poetic creations were illustrated or embellished with season themes and packaged with positive Happy-Fall messages. The students’ writing and artwork arrived at the FASNY home on Sunday, Oct. 27, in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations.

Matt Phlew, activities director at the FASNY firemen’s home, returned a message to Mrs. Nardone and the students:

“Thank you so much! They are amazing and are already brightening up the members’ days here at the home.  Your students are amazing. Thank them for making a difference.”

Two seniors holding poems they received from students
FASNY Senior Home members Marian and Anthony Nardone accepted poems dedicate to them.