Win free tickets to the CJH Musical! Here are your clues…

Each day during the week of October 1, a clue will be posted on this page about the title of this year’s musical at C. J. Hooker Middle School. Check back each day and email your guess to to win two tickets to the show!

Ready to guess this year’s C.J. Hooker Players show?  Well, here are the directions you need to know:

Each day you will get a clue; within that clue, you will get a letter. It is like playing hangman, but even better.

Keep track of the letters, write them down; on Friday, a winner we will crown.

So here we go, let us start, let’s begin. If you guess right first, two free tickets to the show is what you will win!

Simply email Mrs. Loftus your guess, that is all; we promise the show will be an absolute ball!


The letter you are looking for will go somewhere in our show’s title.

So done with princes and princesses, right? But last year’s character was really a sight!

Hilarious and funny, but didn’t quite rhyme, like the movie it does, and all of the time.

A friend to one who is evil, the one to take the blame, the letter we are looking for begins this characters name.


This letter is the beginning of the main character’s name in a Broadway hit and belongs somewhere in our show’s title:

He sings about school, heartache and trees.  He tells a big lie and begs forgiveness on his knees.

Email Mrs. Loftus your guess to this year’s show. Will you be the first to guess right? On Friday you will know!


Get ready for two clues to Guess That Show!

Ahoy and avast ye!  Time for another clue! This letter is what pirates say, not do! This letter appears in today’s actual clue:

Now is the time for nifty nagging nillies with nowhere to go to snag the spotlight.

Email Mrs. Loftus your guess to this year’s show you know you want to! And win two free tickets for a friend and for you!


Just when you thought you figured it out, jot this one down. Don’t give in…no need to frown.

Just wait, do not jostle or jab your brain. Jump and be jazzy  for the letter you will gain.

This letter begins this clue’s nickname and appears somewhere in our show’s title:

Picture a city that never sleeps
Where dreams are sought and made
Where singers sing and dancers dance
And actors have played and played.
All 5 parts have something to offer for all
No matter in winter, spring, summer, or fall.
With shows, museums, restaurants and more
Being there is never a bore.


Our game has come to an end, but we still have one letter to go,
So how did you do, do you think you know?

Our last letter already appeared in our clue for the show’s name
And gave its lead Andrea McArdle fortune and fame.

So that is it we are done.  There is not a clue left. You are out of time.
Quite frankly I am tired of all the rhyme!

Email Mrs. Loftus your guess, yes that is she…
Whoever guesses right first will  get 2 tickets for free!

Email Mrs. Loftus your guess to this year’s show. Hurry, do not delay.
You lucky winner, You won’t have to pay!