Regular attendance a high priority at Goshen High School

Every day counts! The research is clear – absences hurt academic performance. While attendance rates at GHS remain strong, ensuring regular attendance remains a high priority. The reason being, every student deserves a chance at success and every student should be developing good attendance habits that will serve them well as they progress to college and a career.

Students at GHS are expected to attend school daily, arrive on time, and to stay in school for the duration of the school day. With that in mind, GHS continues to be a “closed campus.” In other words, a student must have a valid excuse and be signed out by a parent/guardian to leave campus.

To ensure the regular attendance of all students, GHS is committed to a multi-tiered approach that includes:

  1. Establishing positive relationships with students and families
  2. Recognizing regular and improved attendance throughout the school year
  3. Engaging students and families about the importance of regular attendance
  4. Monitoring attendance data on a daily basis
  5. Maintaining a supportive and engaging school climate
  6. Regular communication with parents and students regarding attendance trends
  7. Counseling of at-risk students

We are committed to ensuring all students attend school daily, and we thank you for your partnership in helping students realize every day counts.