VIDEO PROMO: TEDxGoshen event to promote “ideas worth spreading”

TEDxGoshen logoToday’s teens have a lot more to say than you think, and the Goshen community is being provided with an exciting opportunity to listen.

On June 4, the Goshen Central School District will present TEDxGoshen, a free community event that will serve as a platform for Goshen students – as well as alumni and community members – to share “ideas worth spreading.”

What is TEDx?

TEDx is an independently organized event that helps connect communities by sparking deep discussions and building relationships. These local events are based on the popular TEDTalks, held twice a year by the non-profit, TED, where thought leaders from around the world gather to share their world-changing ideas.

TEDxGoshen, appropriately branded “Gladiator Grit,” will empower voices from within the Goshen community. Goshen is at a crossroads between its past – a historical, close knit village with small town values – and its future – an evolution of new business, technology and growth. In the face of hardship, community members continue to show their “grit” – their unyielding resolve and character – as their once small town continues to grow and evolve. The speakers at TEDxGoshen will also show their “grit” by speaking about their passions, hardships, revelations and life experiences, in the hopes of inspiring those around them.

Who will be speaking at TEDxGoshen?

There will be 15 speakers sharing their thoughts at TEDxGoshen, including four middle school students and seven high school students, in addition to alumni and community members. Each of these personal and thought-provoking talks will cover a wide variety of topics in 10 minutes or less, including the power or positivity, social media addiction, destigmatizing depression, fighting climate change, community engagement, immigration and discrimination, and more.

The 2019 TEDxGoshen speakers are:

  • Sue Armistead, community member
  • Chelsea Baez, grade 10
  • Xander Danella, grade 8
  • Jay Jung, grade 11
  • Lee Karchawer, alumnus
  • Shir Kidron, alumna
  • Ana Loter, grade 8
  • Jack Loughran, grade 11
  • Hailey Myers, grade 8
  • Bella Obligado, grade 10
  • Kiara Paulino, grade 8
  • Andrew Rampulla, grade 9
  • Kyle Roddey, alumnus
  • Sam Sherlock, grade 11
  • Erin Smith, grade 11

Who else is involved?

TEDxGoshen is being organized by Eric Harris, English teacher at Goshen High School, and Jonathan Redeker, K-12 technology coordinator and social studies teacher at Goshen High School. The two worked together to apply for a TEDx license in addition to coordinating speakers, recruiting volunteers and organizing all the details of TEDxGoshen.

“In addition to being courageous, gritty and brilliant, our students – and community members – have profound ideas that might not be capable of changing the world, but are certainly capable of changing the way we all think about the world,” said Harris. “They just need a platform so their voices can be heard.”

Added Redeker, “We know that our community members have many ‘ideas worth sharing,’ aligning with the TED vision, so we wanted to bring this event to our town. I hope people will be moved and inspired by the visions and ideals in our community.”

TEDxGoshen will be emceed by Goshen High School senior Skye Alexander. Members of the high school drama club are in charge of lighting and sound, under the direction of Technology Teacher Joe Fedor. In addition, teachers Kristen Green, Hugh Mackay, Jim Quinlan, Marie Panzer and Elena Jordan will serve as coaches for the speakers.

How do I attend?

TEDxGoshen will be held from 6-9 p.m. Tuesday, June 4 in the C. J. Hooker Middle School auditorium. Seating is limited; register for your free ticket online at

“We envision our audience – the Goshen community – leaving the event feeling a blend of catharsis, enthusiasm, and pride,” Harris said.

To learn more about TEDxGoshen, visit