View a letter about an incident at Goshen High School

Earlier today, a Goshen High school student was overhead making a threatening statement against the high school. Building administrators immediately notified the Village of Goshen Police Department who launched an investigation. The student in question was interviewed in the presence of his father and readily admitted that he had made the statement in jest.

The police department concluded its investigation and determined that there is no verifiable threat to the high school, its students or staff. The student will be disciplined by administrators in accordance with our code of conduct.

Although the incident posed no real threat, statements such as this, even as a joke, are both inappropriate and against district policy. At Goshen, we are committed to maintaining an environment of safety, security and transparency. We ask that you talk to your children about any discomfort they may feel about the incident as well as its inappropriateness and consequences.

Thank you for your cooperation and your help in making our schools safe for everyone.


Thomas Heinzelman
Interim Principal of Goshen High School