GHS Works teaches students resume writing, job seeking skills

Two adults speak to students
Business Teacher Danielle Linguanti and Science Teacher Joseph LeBlanc talk to participants of GHS Works, a new initiative at the high school that aims to help students develop important skills that will help them gain employment.

The first GHS Works Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills Seminar was held on Wednesday, April 24 in Goshen High School cafeteria and library.  More than 30students from grades 9 through 12 participated in the workshop, where they learned how to create a resume, interview skills, and methods for seeking employment.

The event was facilitated by Assistant Principal Kyle Roddey, Business Teacher Danielle Linguanti, Science Teacher Joseph LeBlanc, District Technology Coordinator Jon Redeker and Executive Director Barbara Martinez from the Goshen Chamber of Commerce, who spoke to students about best practices in finding employment.

“The high school strives to provide our students with the skills needed for college- and career-readiness, and the ability to craft a strong resume and successfully interview for employment will serve our students long into the future,” said Assistant Principal Kyle Roddey. “We are excited to continue expanding our offerings and are always looking for new and innovative ways to prepare students for life after graduation.”

The two-hour seminar will be held again in the future.  Questions should be directed to Assistant Principal Kyle Roddey at

Woman speaks to crowd of seated students
Executive Director Barbara Martinez from the Goshen Chamber of Commerce gives advice to students about gaining employment at the first-ever GHS Works seminar.