Olympics of the Visual Arts teams medal at Saratoga competition

Group photo of high school students in front of school bus
The Goshen High School Olympics of the Visual Arts teams.

The Goshen High School Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA) teams competed in Saratoga Springs on April 4, placing third in both Graphic Design and Illustration, and second in Sculpture.

The Photography and Architecture teams both earned the award of “Most Creative” in their respective categories.

The OVA team members are Danielle Fiumara, Lauren Serpac, Steffany Jackson, Emma Wapshare, Isabella Kaloz, Katie Crandall, Myra Arif, Caryn Clark, Olivia Schatz, Denisse Romero, Kierstin Holt, Phoenix Graham, Benjamin Pahucki, Jannet Perez, Megan Streichwein, Fatimatul Zahra, Brooke Castleman, Jingyi Yang, Candace Jones, Rachel Richter, Bridgette Bennis, Emma Blanton, Ashley Kensell, Isabella Barhorst, Liza Melendez, Olivia Davis, Anna Nasser, Austin Joshnick, Cheryl Jeanty, Aleena Jacobs, Isabella Fundaro, Siddhi Balamurali, Nahal Jangda.

The Olympics of the Visual Arts program provides an opportunity for students to participate in individual or group artistic problem solving. A new series of problems is posed every fall. Students create long-range solutions at their schools, and travel to the Albany area to compete on short-range problems in a day-long celebration of creativity. There are awards for each of the problem categories at every level.

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