Second graders artwork on display at FDR Library and Museum

Photo of smiling kids with artwork and two adults with thumbs up
Second graders at Scotchtown Avenue will have their artwork displayed at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum in Hyde Park. They are pictured with Principal Dr. Gregory Voloshin and Art Teacher Karen Richards.

Twenty nine second grade students at Scotchtown Avenue Elementary School will have their artwork exhibited at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library and Museum in Hyde Park.

The students worked together in  groups to create posters that  illustrate the theme “Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Environment.”

According to Art Teacher Karen Richards, FDR was a great supporter of the environment. As president in 1933, he created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to “conserve precious natural resources.” In its nine years, the CCC planted three billion trees, built campgrounds and trails,  improved wildlife habitats, preserved historic sites, built roads, bridges, and dams. Approximately 154 million square yards of stream and lake shores were protected and 814,000 acres of range were revegetated.

The follow students will have their artwork on display from April 1-May 31:

We Love Trees

Created by Brody Henry, Melania Civitano, Lucas Smuckler, Maeve Doody, Quinn Cookingham, David Martinez, Rhyanne Ruffy, Lexi Hosking, Mia Holmes, Leah Roman and Zachary Char.

Trees are Nice

Created by Mason Bozzone, Zoie Singh, Vincent Stanley Jr., Amari Smith, Faith Hagan, Nicholas Martin, Evey Tracy and Luca Maviglia.

We Need Trees

Created by Serafina Marku, Nicholas Zambetti, Domenica Celio, Brielle Jurik, Mason Gomez, May Coopers Costantino , Logan Urena, Isabel Mitterbauer, Roger Lloyd and Liesl McGuinness.