Capital Project update: Construction continues at GHS

Construction at Goshen High School continues as part of the district’s $30.48 million capital improvement project, approved by district voters in February 2017, that will create 21st century learning environments, address safety and security, modernize the performing arts program and auditorium and upgrade athletic facilities.

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photo of construction site
A view of the orchestra pit and stage from the rear auditorium. The capital improvement project will completely overhaul the auditorium with new upholstered seating (to replace the original 40-year old seating), orchestra pit, doors with acoustical gasketing and an acoustic ceiling and wall panels to improve the sound quality, renovated sound booth, upgraded AV system, and new house lighting, rigging, controls and dimmer panels to improve theatrical performances. The auditorium will be ADA compliant with a chair lift for visitors in need of assistance.
Photo of long hallway under construction
The 15,000 square foot addition to the front of the building will add a new entryway with security vestibule with a man-lock so that a security guard can screen visitors before allowing access into the building during school hours. The front entrance doors will be provided with access control devices. This means that nobody can enter the high school without first being screened and then “buzzed in” – an effective safety deterrent. The new vestibule will provide the additional benefit of minimizing heat loss.
Long hallway with open doors under construction
The new addition will also house four new classrooms to accommodate classroom instruction for the high school’s growing academic program. The classrooms will connect to the A wing.
Construction zone
This closer shot of the front entryway shows the new front doors to the building. An additional wall will be built to create a vestibule so that visitors are unable to enter the school without first being screened and buzzed in. On the left side of the photo, there is an opening to the new centralized administration and support staff offices, including the school nurse, social worker, psychologist and guidance counselors, which will help efficiently service students.
Photo of multiple skylights
Entry to the school will be warm and inviting with the entryway’s new skylights, which will allow lots of natural light into the buildling.