View a letter about sports tryouts, cuts from the Athletic Director

Dear parents of the Goshen Athletics community,

I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify some confusion concerning tryouts and cuts for our sports teams.

As Director of Athletics, the biggest challenge is trying to provide as much opportunity for as many of our students as possible, while still operating within the confines of what is appropriate, safe, and sustainable. This is why making cuts to our athletic programs is an extremely difficult task. Making cuts, however, is a necessary part of sport and Goshen will continue this practice moving forward.

There was a large group of very talented athletes in our latest round of spring try-outs. That is a testament to the hard work of our student-athletes, the support they receive from their parents, and the strength of our many youth sports programs. The decision to rescind cuts for a handful of athletes was based on our program’s ability to serve these students on their respective teams, as well as to provide an opportunity for these students to participate, enjoy and benefit from a dynamic sports program with their peers.

Goshen plans to explore ways to increase participation and opportunity. When appropriate, we will examine the possibility of increasing roster spots, offering alternate roles like “team managers” and “practice players,” and adding additional teams in an attempt to provide more opportunity for our many students. Furthermore, we are in the beginning stages of creating an intramural sports program that will allow our students to participate in a fun and competitive environment.

The research is clear: participation in athletics has a positive impact on young adults. Student-athletes experience stronger peer relationships, have higher self-esteem, develop a closer sense of family, are more likely to volunteer in the community, are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, and have a greater sense of initiative, persistence, and responsibility. Furthermore, it is through athletics, our student-athletes will create memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

Moving forward, Goshen Athletics will continue holding try-outs for its many programs and making cuts when necessary– but will also focus on growing our programs in a safe and sustainable way so that the benefits of participation can be given to as many of our students as possible.

I hope that this letter provides clarification about the philosophy of the Goshen Athletics Program. Going forward, if you should have any questions or concerns about our athletics program, please contact me at 615-6161.

I am proud to serve this community. My door is always open to you.

Yours in sport,

Matt O’Brien
Director of Athletics, Health, and Physical Education
Goshen Central School District